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New Vision University Georgia

 MBBS in New Vision University | MBBS in Georgia


new vision university


Georgia – About Country

MBBS in Georgia is a good Destination For Indian Students . There are many medical Universities in Georgia ,Which  are Approved By Medical Council of India (MCI)  

Georgia is a land of contrasts at the crossroads of East and West. For thousands of years traders and adventures have visited via the historic Silk Road, their legacy remains today in the culture, sounds and monuments, including many UNESCO heritage sites.

From the architecture of Tbilisi’s Old Town to the vineyards of Kakheti; from the ancient stone towers of Svaneti to the beaches and nightlife of Batumi, there is something inspiring and exciting for everyone.


Georgia has a unique, welcoming culture, which explains its world-famous hospitality. With its own alphabet and language, and many world-famous artists, Georgia will surprise and delight you at every turn.


mbbs in georgia

About New Vision University Georgia:

The New Vision University is a Georgian Semi Private research university located in Tbilisi,

The Medical Doctor’s program of the New Vision University was granted accredition by Resolution No:156 of Educational Program Accredition Board, dated 5 November 2013,

The University has a large and distinguished faculty to support its mission of education, research and clinical care.

A number of scientific-research projects of international and national significance have been accomplished on the university base.

The University has close partnership relations with the leading higher educational institutions with in and outside the country like in UK Leeds University England.

NVU is considered as a desirable host for international scientific conferences and symposia held in various fields of science.

Apart from this, the academic and scientific faculty of the university actively participate in scientific conferences and exchange programs in different countries of the world like USA, UK and other Europian Countries

Program (Qualification): 

Medical Doctor  ( MBBS)

ECTS / Duration: 

360 credits / 5 or 6 years, upon student’s choice and performance

Language of Instruction:


Non-Entrepreneurial (Non-Commercial) Legal Entity New Vision University (NVU) was established in 2013, New Vision University Hospital – in 2014. NVU team comprises of over 400 Professors, Scholars, and Practiciners. NVU has over 1000 students coming from more than 25 different countries.

The MD (MBBS Programm) curriculum is comprised of four loops referring to knowledge, skills and values, where every consecutive loop builds on previous one and sets more complex learning objectives.

  • The Curriculum Spiral’s First Loop (120 ECTS) is comprised of the widely integrated core modules of Body Systems (Anatomy, Physiology, Imaging) and Life Sciences (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Histology), which are vertically linked to summative pathology course and accompanied by teaching core values of medicine, clinical skills and research methods.
  • The Curriculum Spiral’s Second Loop (60 ECTS) containing bridging courses (Bridging PBL, Pharmacology and Systemic Pathology) and synergy courses (Physical Diagnosis, Family Medicine I, General Surgery, etc) links the study of pathological changes and disease symptoms with the practical comprehension of modern principles and methods facilitating the diagnostic process.
  • The Curriculum Spiral’s Third Loop (120 ECTS) is bound to the study of the treatment of diseases and syndromes in accordance with the latest clinical guidelines and protocols constructed by the evidencebased medicine. It builds on the previous loop revisiting and deepening knowledge, mastering skills and developing values simultaneously setting higher-level complex objectives.
  • The Curriculum Spiral’s Fourth Loop (60 ECTS) builds on and rounds up previously acquired competences reinforcing trans-disciplinary understanding of real-world challenges. Thus, final and highest level of learning objectives are met through hands on practice applying gained knowledge, skills and values independent of discipline specific understanding.

courses-icon ACCOMMODATION

New Vision University provide one of the best and hygienic Hostel for their students, Room amenities are in high standard, Toilets are clean and hygienic, Hostel facility is separate for Boys and Girls and Hostel is equipped with Hot water, Room Heating System, wifi etc, laundry facility also available in the hostel.


mbbs in new vision


We are providing Indian Mess and high quality Indian food for our students from India.

                New Vision  University – FEE DETAILS 2017


                                                             TUITION FEE
                                USD$    INR RS
First  Year                                5000 325000
Second Year                                4500 325000
Third Year                                4500 325000
Fourth Year                                4500 325000
Fifth Year                                4500 325000
   TOTAL                                23000 14,95,000

1 USD =INR 65 (approx for calculation) Actual rate at the time of fees payment will be calculated.

Medical checkup , Medical insurance and visa Extension is excluded, 

Living Cost

Approximately, 2000  *USD should be considered for living costs on yearly basis, including accommodation and Mess

Why MBBS in New Vision University Georgia :

Safest Country Than India or USA

According to  Global Peace Index. ,The Republic of Georgia takes up 85th spot whereas India ranks 137 and the United States of America (USA) ranks 103. Remember that the lower value is better here

Hence, Georgia is much safer country than India, USA or the Ukraine. So, living and studying there will not be of any risk to you.

Climatic Condition in Georgia:

The plains of eastern Georgia are shielded from the influence of the Black Sea by mountains that provide a more continental climate. Summer temperatures average 20 °C (68 °F) to 24 °C (75.2 °F), winter temperatures 2 °C (35.6 °F) to 4 °C (39.2 °F). Humidity is lower, and rainfall averages 500 to 800 mm (19.7 to 31.5 in) per year

January is the coldest month with an average temperature of 0.9 °C (33.6 °F). July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 24.4 °C (75.9 °F).

Approved by Medical Council of India

Well, absolutely! That is why students go there to take up medical education. The Medical Council of India (MCI) maintains a list of universities which are approved by it. And about 17 universities from Georgia are listed by the MCI on its website. Check the List of Georgian Universities Approved by the MCI.

 Some other Points about Study MBBS in Georgia

Georgia Universities offer you considerably better education when compared with private medical colleges in India. The main focus is about to acquire practical expertise in the student. The students also have accessibility to the most recent & modern medical devices. The best universities in Georgia stick to the quality guidelines of the World Health Organization and UNESCO. As a result, studying from the Top MBBS Universities in Georgia guarantees success in the medical career of the students.

o          Students pursuing MBBS in Georgia Europe can apply for internship and further studies in 47 countries under LISBON CONVENTION.

o          Students are given the opportunity to do the practical, experiments and clinical clerkship from 1st Semester onwards.

o          The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology.

o          The quality of accommodation in hostels is very good and Indian food is readily served at the hostels which given a homely feeling to the Indian students.

o          MBBS Admission in Georgia is actually a most affordable option than the Indian private medical colleges. Students in Private Indian medical colleges are lacking the practical experience. Therefore, there is absolutely no reason paying out big donations to get MBBS Admission in private medical colleges in India. Indian students can get best MBBS education from the best universities in Georgia at an affordable cost.

o          Georgia is a very safe and feminine prominent country. There is absolutely no crime and students from India can go in buses, trains etc without problems. Most of the people of Georgia are Christian and are God loving. Georgian folks are very pleasant and accept religious and cultural diversities.

o          Compared with India, the process of taking admission in MBBS in Georgia universities is quite simple. Students with 50% score in PCB can take MBBS admission in Georgia. The universities focus on skill developing that make sure the students have got a fair knowledge of the medical terms, where they will merge together with the training perfectly.

Here are the some videos of new vision university georgia


New Vision University -Introduction

New Vision University Hostel

The real review of the college campus of NEW VISION UNIVERSITY by Indian Students taken by Yukti Belwal

Application Process
  • STEP 1 Submit your 10th and 12th certificate and mark sheet photocopy through email and also one scanned picture with registration amount.
  • STEP 2 If you don’t have passport with you then you certainly should apply at www.passportindia.gov.in and follow the steps. You can get your passport within 30-40 days at normal application.
  • STEP 3 You will receive your scanned admission letter within 10 days, original will take 20 days time.
  • STEP 4 Once you receive your passport, submit the front (the photo side) and back (the address side) by scanning and deposit the second instalment of Passport submission
  • STEP 5 Once the passport is received, it is applied to the University which sends Invitation letter in 30-40 days of time, it takes this much time because of verification process with Indian Embassy and other country Embassy where you take admission.
  • STEP 6 The University then sends the Invitation letter through courier which then submitted to the Embassy in India and third instalment has to be submitted, the application is reviewed and embassy stamps the visa within 7 days. The embassy can ask for interview call only if they want to ask some question based on the profile which is very rare.
  • STEP 7 On the basis of the visa stamped, the air tickets are booked for the country, at this time you pay the last instalment of processing fee.
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New Vision University Georgia
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