University of Georgia

Address : 77, M. Kostava str, 0171, Tbilisi, Georgia , Georgia

Type : Private Short Name : UGA Established : 2004



The University of Georgia is engaged in knowledge production and person’s education, Here we imply cultivation of liberal-humane values among people and providing them with all necessary knowledge and skills for success by means of a honest work.

Doing our business, while being always innovative and serving as a model of institutional excellence we contribute to democratic development of the society for the benefit of the Georgian nation and the humankind.


  • To be the leader university in the region, which is associated with highest standard of tuition, research and prestigious diploma
  • To be an international university, where at least 50% of full time degree students are international students. Have an active international cooperation in research and science, internship, technology transfer and etc.
  • To be the most innovative university in Georgia: as an educational institution, as a research institution and as a business entity
  • To be the torch of liberalism in the region and actively participate in the creation of values 


  • Liberty;
  • humanity;
  • Excellence ;
  • Latin: Libertas, Humanitas, Exellentia;

Internationalization Strategy

UG develops, maintains and strengthens key international relationships that will enhance and enable its ability to perform as a globally competitive University.

Course & Eligibility

  • Should be 134 Marks in NEET 2019 For General Category and 107 for reserved
  • PCB in 12th Class should be 50% above

MBBS Fee Structure

YearCollege Fee USD $College Fee INR ₹Hostel Fee USD $Hostel Fee INR ₹One Time USD $One Time INR ₹Total USD $Total INR ₹
First Year 5000 340000 0 0 0 0 5000 340000
Second Year 5000 340000 0 0 0 0 5000 340000
Third Year 5000 340000 0 0 0 0 5000 340000
Fourth Year 5000 340000 0 0 0 0 5000 340000
Fifth Year 5000 340000 0 0 0 0 5000 340000
Sixth Year 5000 340000 0 0 0 0 5000 340000
Grand Total3000020400000000300002040000


Mandatory Documents

Other Facilities

Hostel Description

Important Notes

  • 1 USD$ = 68 INR at the time of calculation 
  • Hostel and Food Mess Excluded




  • Simulation Hospital - is equipped with modern medical-teaching stimulators as well as medical and multi-functional moulages. In this real-life environment students master following practical skills: patient care, injections, peripheral venous catheterization, bladder catheterization, draining, pulmonary and cardiac auscultation, wound treatment, emergency rescue, etc.
  • Anatomy, Biochemistry and Microbiology Labs - are equipped with the moulages, necessary for teaching topics, the optics and chemical agents, soils, tools, installations for the performance and understanding the necessary processes.

  • Dental Simulation Laboratory - is the dentistry simulation practical laboratory where modern methods for developing practical skills are used. The students familiarize themselves with all the important aspects of dental service on special moulages; the students work at the multi-profile dental table and devices that enable them to gain practical skills in the following areas: therapeutic, orthopedic, surgical and orthodontic dentistry. The laboratory is formed based on the experience of the University of Thompson and its quality gives it the top rating in the region.
  • Simulation Pharmacy - is the simulation base of pharmacy program, where theoretical knowledge can be practically demonstrated. Here are being done and reviewed the situational assignments and clinical cases are conducted and reviewed at the simulation pharmacy, conducted through role-playing (Pharmacist-patient, pharmacist-doctor-patient, pharmacist-doctor-health care specialist, etc.). The Students design pharmaceutical case, comprising medical therapy, medical goods, knowledge and use of pharmaceutical computer programs. The program provides understanding and evaluation of the pharmaceutical case.
  • Reavita UG – aims at the improvement of patient's health conditions and ensures achievement of functional independence by means of various restorative and recreational procedures performed by qualified professionals. The clinic provides students with an opportunity to obtain practical knowledge in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation. Reavita UG entails the following functions: rehabilitation – recreation; diagnostic –treatment; education through certification programs.

BMU Processing Fee

Registration Fee
Rs. 0
Admission Fee
Rs. 0
Visa Fee
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Travel Fee
Rs. 0

Total BMU Processing Fee : - Rs. 0 + GST

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