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Georgia is an independent country located in between Eastern Europe and west Asia. The geographical land of Georgia is surrounded by Black sea in west, Russia by north & north east and by Azerbaijan in Southeast. Due to the presence of Black sea and large mountain range of Caucasus, many gold, silver, copper and iron mine is located in Georgia, and due to the presence of mine ores Georgia has been involved in commerce with nearby countries. Along with different mines, agriculture and tourism has been the principal economic sector, because of the location of Sea and good climatic condition. Georgian lari is the currency in Georgia.

Education in Georgia is mandatory for all children aged 6 to 14 years of age. Higher education in Georgia has been sweeping modernization since 2004. Most of the institutions offer three levels of study, a 3year or 4 year bachelor’s program, 2 years Master’s program and a Doctoral Program.  Including this there is one Certified Specialist Program for single level higher education program of 3 to 6yeras. Georgia has many National level University and technical universities that offers certified higher education in Management, Engineering, Medical Science, Tourism industry and many more.

Why to Study in Georgia?

Pleasant Climatic Condition:  Due to the presence of Black Sea and large Mountain range the climatic condition of Georgia is quite pleasant. The environment is suitable for students to make them stress free and resulting quality education with encouragement of social skill and pleasant personality.
WHO and UNESCO approved certificates: Georgia welcomes students from across the globe to take admission in higher studies. Students who completed the higher studies are certified by WHO and UNESCO. This results in a better career with high paid jobs.
Fee Structure: Either it’s Medical Science, engineering or Management, studying in Georgia is quite easy due to the fees structure. The fees of studying in Georgia is quite less when compared to other countries. The fees structure suits every ones budget.
Language: The medium of instruction is English and Russian in Georgia. The students have the right to choose their own language of studies.
Modern Infrastructure: All most all the educational institution is equipped with modern infrastructure due to the demand of international students. Students can get both practical and live training during their studies.