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  • Type : Government
  • Short Name : KAUF
  • Established : 1993
  • Location :Kharkiv , Kharkiv , Ukraine

Kharkiv University of Air Force


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Foundation of Kharkiv Air Force University is related to the air force and aeronautical education, graduating aircraft engineers and flight operators.
Among graduates of the University there are 578 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 28 twice Hero of the Soviet Union whereas Marshal Ivan N. Kozhedub became three times Hero of the Soviet Union.

World War II gave a powerful impetus to further development of aviation, air defense missile troops and artillery. Thus air force engineering schools faced the hard task to prepare qualified aircraft personnel strong enough to adopt new types of weapons. New faculties and departments have been soon created. The number of professions for training of commanders, aircraft engineers has been significantly increased.

On the basis of fundamental research in aeronautical engineering, radar theory, participation in the development and improvement of the missile, aviation, air defense missile and radio-electronic armament in the faculties and departments research and teaching staff has been newly reformed, qualified to prepare prospective majors. Material and technical maintenance of scientific work and teaching has been significantly strengthened.

The great contribution has been initiated by the institution with regards to the exploration of outer space. The researchers of University were constantly developing fundamentals of flying processes and finally sent first 27 cosmonauts to the outer space. The University is proud of its graduates awarded with the Star of Hero of Ukraine – the first astronaut of Ukraine – Major General Leonid Kadenyuk and honored test engineer Oleg Halunenko.

University graduates have participated in peacekeeping missions in various parts of the world, eliminated the effects of the Chernobyl disaster, carrying alert, guarding the airspace of the State with the missile shield of homeland. Over the years of history more than 125,000 officers have graduated from Kharkiv University of Air Force.

Among university graduates there are numerous Deputy Commanders of the Armed Forces, commanders of the army and divisions, 415 generals, Academy of Sciences Members, Laureates of State Prize, Doctors of Sciences, Honored Workers of Science.

A new stage in the development of higher air force education started with the independence of Ukraine. Newly reformed Kharkiv Air Craft University has been established in 1993. Today Kharkiv Air Force University is a leading academic and research institution with the 4th level of accreditation, developing basic and applied research together with training skilled professionals within 15 areas and 24 majors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



Today, there are more than 5,000 students studying at the University. The total area of the laboratory facilities at the University is more than 100 thousand square meters. Training sessions are held in classrooms equipped with computers and simulators. In the laboratory of the modern type there are settings applicable for studying of various flying phenomena and air processes within academic disciplines.

The University is constantly expanding opportunities for the application of software while studying process developing total network access to the electronic library of the University, as well as the World Wide Web. During the past two years in the educational process more than 200 newly created software items have been implemented by the University staff. In order to assist those who intend to get practical skills the University provides air crew practical training at the training center with the training ground, training airfield, training facilities, sports complex and other structural and support units.

The University has a unique library, which is one of the best libraries for aeronautical engineering as well as in general national education system database. Technical and research books count more than 1.3 million books, and more than 100 thousand books of imaginative literature are present at the library.

According to the requirements of the Bologna Charter, further development of the University is directly focused on integration into the European education together with professional and social generation of experts eligible for air force maintenance service and qualification responsibility for society and state growth.

The main source of research and teaching activities of the University lies in its lecturing staff which numbers 48 doctors and 394 PhD. Among them, 55 professors, 186 Assistant Professors, 103 Senior Research Fellows, 1 Laureate of USSR Council of Ministers, 15 Honored Scientists of Ukraine, 1 Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 2 Honored Inventors of Ukraine, 2 Honored Workers of Education of Ukraine, 2 Excellent Graduates School, 2 Honored Workers of Education of Ukraine, 3 Distinguished Innovators Ukraine, 1 Honored Worker of Higher School, 2 Honored Coaches of Ukraine.

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