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  • Type : Government
  • Short Name : Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute, KHPI
  • Established : 1885
  • Location :Kharkiv , Kharkiv , Ukraine

National Technical University


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National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” (NTU “KhPI”) established in 1885, is a founder of six functioning HEIs, including National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute", Kharkiv National Technical University of Radio Electronics, Kharkiv State University of Engineering and Architecture, National East-Ukrainian University, and Sumy State University. In 1997 Polytechnic Institute was opened on the basis of the NTU “KhPI” branch in Kremenchug.

The NTU "KhPI", accredited at the highest IV level, trains specialists in 95 specialties on a full-time basis and in 69 specialties – by correspondence.

In 2000 by the Decree of the President of Ukraine the university was given a status of National Higher Education Institution of Ukraine.

In 2010 the National Technical University "KhPI" received the status of self-governing (autonomous) Research National University. The Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine about the research status includes the directive for the Ministry of Finances to foreseen, starting from 2011, when drafting the projects of the State Budget of Ukraine, resources for (a) organization of trainings of researchers and scientific-and-pedagogical staff, PhD, master and bachelor students of the University at leading home and foreign research establishments and higher education institutions, (b) development of resource-and-technical basis, (c) creation of scientific-and-training centres, (d) provision of the University with research equipment and new teaching tools.

Today the NTU "KhPI" has the largest in Eastern and Southern Ukraine scope of licensed enrollment: more than 5600 students can study on a full-time basis, more than 4500 – by correspondence. According to the enrollment plan 2010, 2165 full-time and 216 part-time 1st year students to be taught free of charge were admitted to the University. More than 25 thousand students are taught at the University today.

The NTU "KhPI" is the only higher education institution in Ukraine, which trains engineers in such areas as turbine, boiler and reactor engineering, electric, cable and capacitor technology, technology of fats and fat substitutes. 
There are 19 full-time faculties, Learning by Correspondence Centre, Distant Learning Centre, Pre-University Training Centre, Foreign Students Preparation Centre, Interdisciplinary Institute for Advanced Study in new development directions of science and technology, three research and design institutes at the University.
The NTU "KhPI" includes the Guards Red Star Order Department of Military Training named after Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Machine-Tool College (in Kharkiv) and Polytechnic College (in Poltava). 
To ensure effective preparation of students, development and improvement of pre-university training forms and methods, selection of professionally-oriented youth, a Pre-University Training Centre was established at the NTU “KhPI”. It includes preparatory department with training courses and its branches in cities of Izyum, Balakleya, Poltava, Berdyansk, as well as preparatory department and courses where students are prepared for the independent testing. In addition, the entrants are taught under training courses at the Faculty of Integrated Training, the Faculty of Economic Informatics and Management, Chernovtsy Faculty, as well as at elite schools of the NTU "KPI" leading faculties. 
The University is developing as a multidisciplinary HEI. Today, there are 92 departments, 63 of them are graduating ones. In 5 last years training of specialists under new 8 specialties has started, including, “Tool Production”, “Quality, Standartization and Certification”, “Sociology” – in 2008, “Consolidated Information” – in 2010.

The NTU “KhPI” has a military department that trains students in 11 specialties with giving the military rank of reserve lieutenant junior. The preparation at the military department is carried out on a contract basis; its duration is 2 years, starting from the 3rd year of study.

There is a two-level system of facilitating graduates’ employment at the NTU “KhPI”. The departments contact actively with specialized enterprises, following their demands. During their study students have some field practice at enterprises according to their specialty.

Every spring the departments invite representatives of enterprises to open graduates’ presentations, where they meet students in their last years of study and have an opportunity to draw up three-part agreements on employment according to which a graduate gets a status of a young specialist/professional. Under the agreements more than 95% of graduates find jobs.    

Since 2004 a Career Centre for students has been functioning at the NTU “KhPI”. The Centre’s aim is to promote active job search and choice by students. The Centre helps students to decide what work meets their abilities properly, find information about potential employers and to present themselves (resumes and preparation for interviews). The Career Centre also provides students with information on current vacancies at different enterprises.

Every April the Career Centre invites students and employers to a Job Fair - an event, where employers have an opportunity to meet students from different courses and specialties of the NTU “KhPI” and offer them jobs or places for practical field trainings or just disseminate some information about their companies. Forty-three companies, organizations and enterprises participated in the Fair "Polytech - 2010"; they presented about 500 vacancies. More than 2500 students of the University attended the Fair.

A particular attention is paid at the University to a system approach to improvement of the educational process as well as to a radical modernization of the content of specialists’ education. Basing both on a comparative analysis of curricula of the leading HEIs of Ukraine, CIS countries, USA (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Europe (Magdeburg Technical University) and on creation of structural-and-logical schemes, new curricula were developed, which represent an optimum combination of humanitarian, natural-and-mathematical as well as technical knowledge and competences of specialists.

The curricula incorporate some concepts developed at the University, such as: "Humanization of higher engineering education - a strategy of modern engineer’s behavior" and a concept of educational work with students. For several recent years the University has been training specialists according to the new curricula at three levels: bachelor (4 years training), specialist/professional (1.5 year) and master (2 years).

Today the NTU "KhPI" is functioning and developing embodying the principles of the Bologna Declaration (Charter of European Universities) that the University joined in 2005.

The university persistently introduces computer and telecommunication technologies into the training process: there is 101 computer classroom, combining more than 2500 modern PCs connected to the local university’s network and to the Internet.

A postgraduate education structure created on the basis of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Advanced Training is an integral part of a system of continuing engineering training at the University. It provides training under the specialty "Intellectual Property" as well as retraining in "Economic Cybernetics", "Accounting and Auditing," "Organization Management" and "Intellectual Property".

The University’s faculty consists of 1700 persons; among them there are 151 Doctor of Sciences, 870 Candidates of Sciences, 20 Honored Workers of Science and Technology and Honored Higher School Workers of Ukraine, 33 laureates of the State Prize, 3 Academicians of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 26 academicians of the branch Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Scientific organization "Institute of Ionosphere” that is a part of the NTU "KhPI" has a unique observatory; its equipment allows the Institute to occupy one of the leading places in the world concerning the possibilities of ionosphere research. Research and Design Institute "Molniya" is really one of the leading institutions of Ukraine and world due to its technical equipment. On its basis the only Ukrainian Centre for Certified Testing of Electrotechnical Devices “Impulse” is accredited. 
Scientific-and-technical, educational-and-methodological as well as cultural relations have been expanding with leading universities of the USA, UK, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Romania, China, and Vietnam. Nowadays about 1300 foreign students from 30 countries study at the University.


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