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  • Type : Government
  • Short Name : VSMU
  • Established : 1934
  • Location :Vicebsk , Vicebsk , Belarus

Vitebsk State Medical University


University Accomodation

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Hotel to VSMU University distance is about in 30 minutes traveling by bus. 
After being admitted to the University each student is provided with a place 
in hostel, consisting of dwelling blocks each of them includes 2 double 
occupancy rooms, an attached kitchen, bathroom and WC. The standard 
accommodation fee is 600 USD place/per year, but it may be increase 
depending on the size of the room. There are gyms, international club, 
canteen, cafes, rooms for rest, computer clubs etc.in the hostels. The 
reading halls work through out the night. The atmosphere in the hostel is 
friendly and collegian, with the strong feeling of community and harmony.

During the educational day students may visit the canteen or the café 
where they can have a meal or a hot drink.
Off course every   nation has its particular national Cuisine and though 
one will hardly find here famous Indian sweets Gulab Jamun or appetizing 
KUS-KUS so much loved by the Arabs, there is a very rich
Assortment and choice of tasty and delicious from fish, flour and diary 
products at very reasonable prizes.

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